Mindful yoga for stress reduction

Self-compassion practices and education form a key element of these yoga classes. We focus on balancing and strengthening the nervous system, learning how to self-regulate and develop greater and kinder self-awareness to aid the reduction of stress in modern life.

We aim to create a safe and welcoming environment where one learns to honor their own body at their own pace, through simple yoga postures, breathing practices, meditation and relaxation.

Wholehearted mindful yoga classes are recommended for specialised group events and are adaptable for most settings including companies wishing to implement stress management strategies.




Sessions range from 45 minutes to 1hr 15min.


Classes can take place at your company / event premises. (A clear space such as a meeting room can be used).
Alternatively we can arrange an external location possible subject to availability.


Yoga mats can be provided.
Wear comfortable clothing.

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Available for groups only. (For one to one sessions please visit the Wholehearted Coaching page)

To book a group class or to find out more please contact using the field below. 

“Yoga has led us not only to the beauty, magic and majesty of our bodies, but to the opportunities to make it right with ourselves, and right with our families.”

― Elena Brower

What people say

“After practicing Yoga for many years, a long career as a ballet dancer left me with a back injury and I was feeling unsure about restarting Yoga and frustrated with my inhibited movement. In Carly I found the right teacher for me. Her deep love and knowledge of Yoga, attention to anatomical detail and uplifting teachings provided a safe environment to accept my injury, regain my confidence, grow stronger and feel more peaceful. Carly is a wonderful teacher. She is caring and warm with a down to earth approach and a great sense of humor, respecting the needs of each student and inspiring us every class, with carefully researched material and her own wisdom. I just want to say that its been such a relief to learn to let go and struggle less which is one of the many things I have learnt with Carly. I always feel lighter afterwards which I think says it all.”

Bella, Lisbon – Portugal

“I have had M.E. for five and a half years and have tried many things to improve my health. After attending Carly’s classes for the last six months and during this period I have made the first positive shift in my health. Carly is a lovely caring person who takes a gentle compassionate approach. It has allowed me to benefit from the broad range of benefits yoga offers. Carly’s practice allows you to take what you want from yoga.”

Nick, Surrey, UK

 Carly is a born teacher, very gentle, understanding and kind but also holds the class with a secure strength. Carly has a very lovely voice. She has no expectations from her students she simply guides them towards their own individual capabilities and goals.  I am happy so happy I found her.

Céu, Cascais – Portugal

I have known Carly for many years now, having worked with her on one-to-one embodied coaching sessions and having attended plenty of her mindfulness yoga classes and workshops. Carly is a very kind-hearted, understanding and empathetic individual, and I highly recommend all of her practices, classes and workshops of Wholehearted Living!

Jenny, Anthropologist, Lisbon / Athens


“Carly’s yoga sessions are always very enjoyable. They feel spontaneous and personal. She is a patient and open teacher, she listens to the students’ needs and feedback. Each yoga class is different in some way from the previous ones, thus no class is ever boring or repetitive. This may be due to my physical and inner inclination on that given day, but also largely due to Carly’s initiative, intuition and energy. I recommend her, both for experienced people and for the skeptical or first-time.”

Giovanni, Lisbon – Portugal