Wholehearted Coaching

An Integrative, holistic approach for challenging times

For those of us struggling with grief / loss, stress, burn out, anxiety, the repercussions of illness, or simply surviving the hectic pace of modern life, it’s common to develop protective ways of living that do not serve us well.

Are you…

Overwhelmed, anxious, run down and depleted of energy.

Busy non-stop taking care of everyone else.

‘Tired but wired’ – Exhausted yet unable to rest.

Pushing hard to keep going yet know it’s time to take care of you?

Struggling to adjust to a loss, life change, or transition and feeling heartbroken – In Grief.

You’re not alone and you can feel better!

The approach

  • My own life experiences and empathy for the wellbeing of others, led me to dedicate the past 18 years, learning how to help myself and others to compassionately navigate through challenging times. To restore a sense of grounding and create loving, supportive foundations to rise up even stronger.
  • I’m interested in you, and am curious yet deeply respectful of your individuality and the stories that have brought you here.
  • The Wholehearted method is always bespoke, and uses a simple, gentle approach which integrates a variety of modalities. Grounded in the therapeutic benefits of yoga, including but not limited to Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Integrative Grief Coaching, Integrated Energy /Coaching techniques and Mindfulness – Professional bio.

The session

  • As we adapt to your changing needs, each session may be slightly different.
    Sometimes you may need more time to talk and be heard, or to be held and guided in a long nourishing relaxation. While at other times we may utilize a full therapeutic yoga / embodied practice . We will explore supportive ways to soften where you may feel contracted in your body and mind.
  • You will be offered a safe space in which to share and be listened to without judgment. Everything is an invitation, and there’s no pressure to do anything that does not feel right for you.
  • You will be guided in integrating simple, short, gentle yet powerful practices into your day to day life in order to balance & strengthen your nervous system. At your own pace, you will begin to befriend your body, calm and steady your mind and connect with your soul.
  • You will learn how to practice and develop a greater sense of self-compassion that will support you to release fear, connect more authentically with others, move forward and live the happier, healthier life that you truly deserve.


  • Wholehearted Intensive sessions are now available. (2hrs online / 3hrs in person including a short tea break). These offer you an excellent opportunity to to receive and be supported without the time restrictions of regular sessions. If you are feeling the need for extra support right now, you wish to explore something in more detail or if your schedule makes it harder for you to commit on a regular basis then intensive sessions maybe helpful for you. You will receive a written review after the session and follow up material and resource links to support you.
  • Alternatively sessions can take place on a weekly or bi weekly basis of 1hr. Usually a minimum of at least 4-8 weeks commitment is suggested.


I offer sessions worldwide via Skype / Zoom. All you need is a good internet connection and a place where you feel comfortable and will not be disturbed.
Available for both adults and teenagers.
In person sessions can sometimes be arranged in Lisbon or London (limited availability).


To book a session or to find out more please

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection.”

― Buddha

What people say

“Carly is a very positive, sensitive and empathic person who has supported me to cope with some very stressful and painful situations in my life, including my own poor health and the death of 3 family members over the last 2 years. I have been able to talk freely about my feelings. Carly listens with so much compassion and helps me see from a new perspective when needed. I am starting to learn more about self-compassion, healthy boundaries and managing my stress better. I want to thank you Carly for the support you have given me during our sessions and the extra resources such as suggested reading which helped me too. I am very grateful and wish you much happiness in your life.”

Maria, Lisbon – Portugal

“I was in my third year of grieving for my partner and had no relationship that had depth of feeling, I was unable to love comfortably. I didn’t understand the immense feelings I was having, unable to leave the house and lost my usual strong sense of life direction.  I wrote to Carly as I felt a draw to her being the right person to contact. I was aware of her wholehearted coaching work and yoga but had watched this from a far via social media. It was literally life changing the work I did with Carly. The sessions were via Skype from my living room which was so convenient. As soon as the next day I felt so much lighter, I started to make plans, felt motivated and free for the first time in a long time. You can look back on your life and remember key moments that happen and think, ‘yep they were turning points’, and Carly was part of this one. Empathetic, real, you will just love her for her being her and most of all for the positive step you took in your life.”

Laura, Somerset – UK

“Carly you spread Light and Love. You are a rare and Unique Human being who transmits peace and compassion. You taught me the importance of to be thankful to the gifts we have such as breathing, seeing and moving and how we have the capacity to create our own happiness. Despite my challenges you supported me to see that Life can still be wonderful.”

Teresa, Lisbon – Portugal

“Carly has been particularly helpful on a one to one basis with my 16 year old daughter who has been suffering from ME/CFS for 5 years. Her gentle approach and understanding gradually won my daughter’s trust and enabled her to start moving and achieving physically what she had been unable to do for years. As confidence in her physical strength started to return, my daughter’s depression stated to lift. She is now so much better and able to return to school. I am sure that Carly’s gentle but fun approach was a real milestone in my daughter’s journey towards recovery.”

Carol, Kent – UK 

“Not only is Carly a life changer, she also has the qualities of an amazing friend. As anyone who’s been through middle school can tell you, it’s rough. Adding being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease to the pile makes it twice as fun. Carly helped me get through my problems and inspired me with her life. She was always supportive and encouraging me to try new things and face my fears! She does more than is necessary and has improved the quality of my life. Looking back, I can’t believe how stubborn I was about working with her. It was more than worth it.”

Lilly, Sintra – Portugal

“I was feeling lost, unfocused, vulnerable and anxious. I suppose a bit of a loss of identity and knowing what I wanted from life. My children are getting older and I wasn’t working as much as I used to. Your words and practical tools helped in grounding me and getting me back to myself in a positive way. I use the yoga breathing and self-compassion practices daily now. I was able to look at why I was doing a few things that were serving me well and this helped me open to various other avenues in my mind in a much more compassionate and kinder way. All along, you never once judged me, and this was a key thing for me to open and not close. Thank you for your help during this time of change in my life.”

Louise, London – UK

“Thank you so much Carly for our session today. You helped me to see the bigger picture (which I wasn’t managing to see anymore) during this moment of my life. I feel like I can now manage to have hope in the future and trust in myself again. Obrigada, you’re incredible.”

Claudia, Lisbon – Portugal