It was the sort of place that just felt good to be in. It had art by local artist’s on the walls, served fantastic tea and was called Gingers. My mum and I discovered this little gem in 2003 while I was traveling in Thailand. We spent some precious time together, in a village in the North of the country called Pai. The lady who owned it, told us that she started by selling cups of ginger tea on the street. Gradually more people came to drink her delicious tea and her little business grew into the delightful café which we were sitting in that day. The tea was lovely, but it was the lady’s energy and the atmosphere she created that made it such a special place to be.This simple story showed me how important love and connection are for the healthy growth and transformation of everything.

Those few hours in the café provided me with subtle and simple glimmers of hope during the early stages of my personal journey. More on My story. I chatted with Mum a lot that day about dreams, hopes and aspirations. I shared with her my vision to create a project, that would bring wholehearted people together, support compassionate personal growth in a natural way and balanced way. I would start by hosting intimate events for inspiring teachers and speakers and endeavour to provide a welcoming, safe space with an energy like Gingers cafe in Pai. Simultaneously continue to learn, grow and share with others the best I can.

And so the Ginger Pai journey began…

(Image below – Mum at Pai countryside bungalows)

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