Bettina & Niccolo Corallo

Bettina and Niccolo’s coffee shop has been my all time favourite coffee spot in Lisbon for many years.

The coffee and chocolate in my opinion are fantastic! Every time I travel to London I have a request from friends to bring them some of that amazing chocolate and coffee! They are a family business, closely involved with conscious care in every part of the production from the plantations on the island of Sao Tome in central Africa, careful manual production to their friendly presence each day in the store.

This place became even more special to me during challenging times of loss in my life. During the acute stages of grief the world can feel very confusing. Coming here each morning with my dog Ernesto waiting happily by the door and drinking my cappuccino served just how I like it, gave me simple, respite. I felt I could be quiet, I felt welcomed in a non intrusive way. I felt a peaceful sense of real life connection that was so needed at this time. The coffee and chocolate are still the best yet these are the memories that leave a beautiful imprint on your heart forever.

Visit them next time you are in Principe Real, Lisbon, Portugal.