The Heart Language : based on NVC

February 23rd 2019

Hosted / promoted by Ginger Pai

Ginger Pai is proud welcome back to Lisbon, Portugal:

Yael Dan, a people loving human, passionate about people, love and Nonviolent Communication. Yael teaches in Portugal, Spain and Israel and is on the path of becoming a certified trainer by the CNVC.

About the workshop

In this full day workshop Yael will be sharing an introduction to Nonviolent Communication (Also suitable for people with some NVC background). We will learn and practice useful tools, that can be used to enrich and support relationships in all life circles – love relationships, family, work, friends, and most of all within ourselves.

How to speak authentically, so that others can really listen?
How to create deeper connections with the people around us?
How to understand myself and others, when we are in pain and hurting?
How to communicate the pain in a way that will bring more understanding and open heart?
How to connect to the beauty and life behind conflict, and to transform the conflict into even deeper connection?

At the heart, NVC by Marshall Rosenberg PhD, holds an intention to connect, so that even in the most challenging conflicts we are able to see the human beauty in one another, express ourselves with compassion and honesty and invite an authentic, connecting dialog.


 A choice is offered from 35-80€ per person.
This supports me in my path growing as a trainer, and helps cover the costs of the spaces, the training and transportation.

Thank you, Yael Dan


Estrela, Lisbon, Portugal.  (Exact location will be given upon reservation)


Registration: Please send an email directly to [email protected]

There is a pre-payment of 20€ to secure your spot.

* This event is present by Yael Dan and hosted by Ginger Pai 

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