Professional bio 

Carly Taylor, founder of Ginger Pai, is passionate about inspiring people to live a compassionate, courageous, and connected life. Her own life experience has led her to be an advocate for non-negotiable self-care, to witness grief as a mysterious invitation for greater self-knowledge and as an opening to a deeper level of love in her life. Carly is appreciated for her insightful teaching, delivered with authenticity, good humor, and a gentle and down to earth approach. Since 2006 Carly has delivered self development workshops and mindful Hatha yoga sessions for emotional and mental health in a diverse range of locations. She successfully coaches people of all ages, one-on-one, to help them compassionately navigate challenging times in their lives. Through her consultancy work she supports business’s and individuals to create meaningful connections and wellness programs. Carly is based in Lisbon, Portugal and a frequent visitor to her home city – London, UK.


I have utmost reverence and gratitude to the many inspiring people who I have studied with and supported me over the years.

Nalanie Chellaram

A deeper authentic understanding of yoga began for me when I met Nalanie. Nalanie is a disciple of Swami Satchidanada. Nalanie’s grounded spiritual guidance has supported me through some of the most difficult times. Her example as a wife, mother, businesswoman and now grandmother, who has devoted her life to selfless service. She shows that it is not necessary to withdraw from life in order to find the ‘Guru within’.

Gosia Gorna

My Personal coach for many years. Gosia has guided me to face some of my biggest fears and access strength, courage and grace while learning to listen to my intuition. She is the most amazing transformation coach for other coaches, thought leaders and game changers in soulful service.

Dr Lyn Prashant

A desire to deepen my knowledge, understanding and personal relationship to loss and grief lead me to meet Lyn. I traveled all the way to Mexico in May 2018 and had the privilege to study with Lyn in an intimate group. A somatic and holistic approach to grief therapy.
Lyn is an incredible woman. Deeply compassionate, humorous, strong and not afraid to go where many others would run a mile from.

Heather Mason

I met Heather many years ago whilst both attending another professional training. Her work as the founder of The Minded Institute in London is cutting edge in the field of yoga and mindfulness for mental health. I have hosted Heather’s workshops, attended numerous as a student and completed her training course for PTSD. Heather has a unique ability to share complicated information in the most absorbable, understandable and compassionate way.

Elena Brower

Elena Brower’s online yoga classes inspire beauty and authenticity. They made it possible for me to receive and be held on days when there has been no possibility to attend classes. Especially during my most fragile moments of grief. I continue to practice with her frequently on line.

Professional Education

Degriefing Certification

Integrative Grief Therapy – Dr Lyn Prashant – Mexico


Integrated Energy Techniques Diploma

The EFT Centre, London.


NLP Practitioner Certification

Neuro Linguistic Programming – The EFT Centre London


Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

Certification Level 1 & 2 – The EFT Centre London


Yoga therapy, Mindfulness & Neuroscience for PTSD

Trauma sensitive yoga training – Heather Mason – Minded Institute -London


LifeForce Yoga practitioner certification

Yoga for depression – Amy Weintraub – London


Yoga for Stress, Burnout & Chronic fatigue syndrome

Teacher training – Fiona Agombar


Neuroscience, Yoga and Mindfulness training

Dr Mala Cunningham, Gibraltar


Yoga for emotional Balance workshop

Bo Forbes – London


Hatha Yoga teaching certification

200h Yoga Alliance – Integral Yoga Institute, Gibraltar – Nalanie Chellaram

Raja Yoga teaching certification

Integral Yoga Institute – Gibraltar / Algarve – Nalanie Chellaram


Yoga for the special child practitioner certification

Sonia Sumar, Sotogrande – Spain


Yoga for children with emotional imbalances including ADHD/ Autism

teacher training – Jo Manuel


Teaching yoga to children

Integral Yoga/ Swami Sarananda – London


Anusara immersion

part 1 – Bridget woods Kramer- Cornwall, UK


Yoga anatomy teacher training

Dr Ruth Gilmore & Paul Fox- Taunton, UK


Indian head massage and Reiki certification

Lucis College, Surrey UK

Additional studies.

CELTA Cambridge Certificate in English language teaching to adults

Shane Global, London


Advanced GNVQ – Leisure and Tourism


English tourist board welcome host

CPD- Innumerable other workshops and courses attended in the field of  yoga, wellness and self development. 

Carly has taught in a diverse range of locations over the years. Including but not limited to; Corporate events, neuroscience institute, residential homes for the elderly, children’s homes, adult college education, health clubs, community leisure, luxury hotels, private homes, yoga studios, therapy centres and online. 

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